Thursday, January 23, 2014


I was organizing my jewelry box the other day and thought I should show my pretty bracelets off. 
I love hearts and this bracelet is so comfortable.  It's flat so that it doesn't bother me when I use the keyboard.  It has three different metals and the hearts design are all different too.  I got it from one of the home jewelry shows that the name is evading me right now.  The next leather bracelet my sister picked up from an airport.  I really love the design of it, she gave her daughter (my niece) a green one which was equally as pretty.  The black bracelet was made by my friend Theresa's daughter.  She has a nice Etsy shop called Centered Jewelry. I wear black all the time and this bracelet gets used a lot.  It looks nice with the red one.  My niece Angie gave the last red bracelet to me and it came with two more of different sized beads.  I absolutely love the color.

These three I uncovered again.  They were hiding under some vintage hankys which I think I will show at another time.  The first she had made, she does some very nice jewelry making.  She should have an etsy page..hint.  It has some interesting charms on it.  The next is a beautiful red and green baubley bracelet and the last with the stamped pottery.  I love them all and feel lucky to have found them again. 

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