Monday, November 26, 2012

Very Large Wreath

One Day a nice cub scout came to my door selling (to order) live wreaths and greenery for Christmas.

I thought how nice the smell of pine would be in the house so I bought the largest wreath they had.
It said 48 inches for $41.00 and I thought that would be fine, 48 inches around.  My windows are large and I wanted to hang it in the dining room window.  I forgot about it until the other night we came home from somewhere and I could see a large dark object on my porch.  Oh it must be the wreath, my goodness it's big.  It's so big, I can't hang it inside! 

I think they meant at least 48 inches across.  It is very lovely with a red bow and pine cones. 

I have hung it on my front window.  It was either that or hang it on the side of the garage.  My husband wondered if they brought it in a semi!

Here it is. It's a lovely wreath, just a bit larger than I bargained on. 

From my studio room.  It casts a shadow.  People don't have a problem seeing it from the road.
Note to smaller. 

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