Monday, May 21, 2012


While looking around recently I realized I have a thing for pitchers.
I thought I would share what I had because I have gathered quite a few.
The big one we got as a wedding gift nearly 32 years ago.  Can you visualize a cool pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade in it?
The smaller one is an exact replica and it was my Mom's, how about a pitcher of frozen margaritas?  Mmmmmm Mmmmmm

This one was my Mother in Law's.  I was really drawn to the two colors and I liked the large handle.

I recently got this at Pewabic Pottery in Detroit.
I was drawn to the brown color and the large dots on the outside.

Along with the small dots on the inside.

This gravy bowl I picked up at Target.  I like the smooth white and the length of it.

These go way back when there were dime stores.  I celebrated my birthday with a former neighbor that I was born on her birthday.  We exchanged gifts and when I was possibly 8 my Mom bought these at the dime store and I always, always loved them and remembered them.  When my friend became elderly she broke up her home and returned these back to me.  I was thrilled, they are in perfect condition and are at least 45 years old. 

This warms my heart as my Dad bought this for me.  It has a matching sugar bowl also.

This is a batter jug of depression glass.  My Mom and I would go antiquing for depression glass and I came across this great find.  I had not seen this before. 

My trusty batter bowl that I mix many recipes in. 

This is picked up in Williamsburg Virginia.  My Mom and I went on a little vacation to Williamsburg, this was a good memory. 

I hope you enjoyed my pitchers.  I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

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