Wednesday, October 3, 2012

to screen or not to screen

This porch faces due west and in the summer especially it gets too hot to use and the sun glares in at dinnertime. 
We found a unit called panorama by Stoitt that seems to have fixed our dilemma.
The company came out and put the wood up where the tracks for the screens will go.

We had to get the wood painted and then the company came back and installed the tracks and screen.  The screen had to be ordered for our dimensions. 
The screen is made out of woven PVC and is very tough. 

Right here the screens are going down.  We can completely enclose this like a screened in porch or have only one down to stop the sun.  The screens are supposed to stop 90 percent of the sun. 
It seems to stop the breeze also.
We should really enjoy this. 


Introverted Art said...

This is great as it gives you visibility. It seems so also stop bugs?

Robin said...

Yes, it stops the bugs also. The cement is poured at a slope by design so that water will drain off. It is at the corner by the post. So there is a 3 inch gap at that point, but everything else is enclosed when both screen are down. Thanks for asking!

Angie Grogg said...

Robin I love the screen! I can't wait to see it next weekend!!