Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crown Hill

This last weekend Tom, Kevin and I went to Indianapolis.
Kevin took a weekend class of blacksmithing at Connor Prairie.
Tom and I explored the city.  We went to a huge cemetery name Crown Hill.
There are many notable people buried there, James Whitcomb Riley for one.

A sculpture of a child reading the book, Little Orphant Annie.
If you didn't know who James Whitcomb Riley is, this explains it.


With the good, come the bad.
The notorious robber of the 1930,'s
John Dillinger's grave.  I especially liked the toy replica gun.

This is the grand entrance to the cemetery.  It was a pretty day.

Here is the marker pointing to where the grave site is for the 23rd president of the United States.

President Harrison's headstone

I just thought this was an interesting arraignment.

Here is the Irsay family plot.  They are the owners of the Indianapolis Colts NFL football team.

This grave site was especially interesting with the trees and bushes and the long stair steps walking up to it.

The trees frame it very nicely.

And it had an in ground sprinkler system.
Here were some golf lovers.

The Robert Frost poem was a nice touch.  There was seating for visitors and also the nice planter on top.  A lot of thought went into this headstone.

This was just a big rock with the name engraved on it. 

An obvious lover of music.


The tall big tree in the back I liked the shape of.  The tree stump in the front is actually a headstone.

A beautiful Angel watching over everyone.

This leads into a mausoleum. Quite beautiful with a lighthouse.
These little angels were around the building possibly for air vents?

This interesting area piqued my interest.  A sculpture of a boy kneeling on the bench.

He has something in his hand that he is looking at.
And it is an acorn.
Note the name and the inscription.
Very Original.

Lastly-A tennis enthusiast.

What I just showed you was a small piece of interesting history in this cemetery.
I hope it was enjoyable for you.


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