Friday, October 26, 2012

Game Two of the World Series

Score:  Detroit 0  San Francisco 2
Got this picture from the Detroit Free Press this morning.
Doug Fister threw a great game last night even with a ball bouncing off his head into center field.
He is tough....that ball was just hit off the bat and hit his head, bounced way into the air and ended up in center field.  The only thing that happened to Doug....his hat was a little crooked. 
He came back in and threw a total of 110 pitches and held them to 0 runs. 
San Francisco got two late innings runs to beat the Tigers.
They are coming home for game 3 saturday.
It will be nice to have them home.
San Francisco should pack their long underware, they will be getting a chilly reception.
Go Get Em Tigers!

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