Monday, October 22, 2012


Orange color to greet people in the foyer.

I finally settled on a combination that I liked for the wall above the beside table. 
So many favorites, picture of my 3 most favorite guys, a needlepoint picture that says "Your Most Important Work Will Be  Done Within the Walls of Your Home". This was given to me when Sam was born.  A wooden box that Kevin made.  A cardinal bookmark that my sweet niece Angie gave to me.  A painting of a poppy field in Assisi that my dear friend Theresa brought back from her pilgrimage.

This ginko leaf came from Pewabic Pottery in Detroit.  I love Ginko leaves and there is a big tree at work that is shedding it's leaves for the year.  I have picked a few up and drying them to use for a picture.

This great wrought iron tree I picked up at Pottery Barn.  It actually is a serving piece.  It holds three clear bowls for dip, or candy or whatever.  It was too neat to store away.  It's appropriate on top of the corner hutch with the wooden pumpkins. 
Happy Fall to All!

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