Friday, July 13, 2012

on the lookout

Here is Sebastian at his favorite spot looking out the window.
There was one gloriously cool morning this week where I had opened the windows and he lifts his nose and smells the air, so happy....Until he hears two cats fighting outside.  Cats always sound so crazy and horrific when they fight.  It brings all 3 cats out from each corner of the house.  I was pinning hearts to this memorial quilt to applique on trying to keep them straight.  I had to contend with Sebastian walking across it to get down so he can walk to each door and growl, because he loves a good rumble just like every other cat.  He must have paced the house for 15 minutes growling.  Then he had to get back up and look out the window to find "the fighters".  He says, "if only, I could get out and mix it up too. I would show them."

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PeaceLily's Blog said...

Awe Such a pretty baby!!!