Saturday, July 14, 2012

naturally beautiful

This is the Angel Plant.  I thought that I had done something wrong and it was never going to bloom again.  I am thrilled to see this pink growth and there are two so I should have some flowers again. 

Tonight we had a teeny bit of rain, but it was enough to make a rainbow.

And a double one to boot!

First tomato of of the patio plant.
It was tasty.

This is the patio plant, I put nasturtium seeds around the sides.

This dragonfly we found in the garage.  I don't know if it died of heat stroke or what, but it is in perfect shape.  The details on the wings is fabulous!

This great big moth is deceased also.  It was found outside. 

Here I am showing how big they were compared to my hand.

Awww, he is so sweet I had to sneak this in. 

The caladium bulbs are going to town now. 

This is what they look like after they were first planted. 

This is the left side.


I didn't know I was going to get a flower also!

A new Caladium leaf, I am also very thrilled with this because of the colors.  That will add some dazzle to my arrangement.

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