Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Both my Father and Father in Law were in the military.  My Father joined right after Pearl Harbor and my Father in Law was drafted into the Korean war.  They served and came home fortunately.  They both passed away in their 70's.  I am sharing their plaques that are provided for their final resting place.  Both have the flags that the boys scouts or the cemetery puts to note they were veterans.  On television this week I saw the soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery putting the flags on.  They all had their military camouflage on and their backpacks carrying the flags were camouflaged.  I am sure it was a great site to see in person. 

My Father was very proud to have this plaque and in the preplanning he filled out the paperwork to make sure everything was correct. 

My Father in Law

For all of our Soldiers who have not come back and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
We thank you especially today and forever.

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