Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I found this bunch of natural items at Michaels Crafts.

They also happen to have some nice aromas with them.

I wanted to fill my pottery vase with something tall, with lots of texture, and natural.  I had those sticks at first and they just looked like a bunch of sticks peeking out of the vase.  I realized I needed a foam "something or other".  I thought the cone shape would work well.
I just feel like I am a very bad at this kind of work.

Here it is.  I didn't want something too wide because of the television.  I love the texture and curliness of the green "whatevers", and they are just the right shade for the pottery. I love the Peacock Feather at the top. 

I won't be leaving my day job, but it works pretty well for what I had in mind. 

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