Tuesday, February 7, 2012

only if you're a cat lover

Sebastian just makes me smile when he starts to play.
He has no finesse.

He was a stray who was so hungry and ragged looking when he picked our house to beg at.
I think word got out in the cat world that this lady was easy pickens.
She already had two cats so there was some cat food around to share.

He was tenacious enough and sweet and had the cutest face that he won me over.
I waited a month to see if he was house worthy, and he kept getting into fights and would be there the next morning with new scraps.  We took him down to the vet, for all his shots and "fixins" and the vet said' this can't hurt as bad as getting into fights all the time'.

When he plays we are never really sure if he will give us a good bite or not.  He hasn't totally lost that street cat mentality. It took awhile for us to train him not to bite, his nickname used to be "snapper". Now we call him Cabot.  From Mr. French and the Family Affairs days of television.
 He is a good guard cat.  When ever he hears a noise that is not usual, he gets down, starts growling  and walks around finding the source, like he is going to "kick their butt". 

I am getting his picture framed to put into the Artlink exhibition of Animal Images.  He is certainly gallery worthy.

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