Sunday, January 29, 2012

Relief on Tag Board

In my 3D Design class the assignment is to choose a picture and do a relief of it.
Here are my tools.  A self sealing cutting mat, a bone folder, an 18 inch metal ruler with cork on the back, pencil and exacto knife.

The relief has to cover the whole length of the tag board.  I chose this parrot because I decided I could use dimension with his tail feather and wings.

I am partially done and don't think it looks bad for my first try. 
Later I will share the finished product. 

I shot these by my front window, natural lighting makes such a difference!

(Later on this evening)
No more natural lighting, but here is my finished product. 
It turned out ok-at least no pencil lines are showing.  That was very important. 
We will see what she says about it. 

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