Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New Semester

I am two weeks into the new semester.  Two art classes this time, Digital Design and 3-D Design.  I am really going to learn the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop and also my DSLR Camera.  I have already learned about Camera Raw which was a totally foreign term to me.  I cannot use the auto setting on my camera now, but have to manually adjust my settings and then fix it in Photoshop.  I was getting frustrated because I cannot find enough light and we cannot use flash because it takes away from the shadows.  Then the light lit up above my head and BAZINGA-I can make it brighter in Photoshop.  I just have to wrap my mind around this and hope I become fast, because auto just does the thinking for you. 

The project for 3-D design that is due on Monday is taking a design and on the 2-D paper and cutting with an exacto knife and folding to make the design 3 Dimensional.  I will share pictures of that tomorrow.

This little bear is probably 16 years old.  As always in the process of organizing, cleaning and purging I found him.  My Mom made a whole bunch of these to sell somewhere and of course she let us choose a favorite.  I can see why I took this little guy as his fabric had little red hearts.  When I found him one of his arms were loose and bow tie was in disarray.  I fixed his arm and gave him a new bow tie.  The bathroom always has bright lights and I liked the reflection in the faucets.  It still wasn't bright enough so I adjusted it in photoshop.  He makes me smile. 

I love this plaque that was given to me by my niece and nephew brought from either England or Scotland.  I really enjoy things that are pottery and painted.  It is sitting where you can see it when you come in the front door. 
I made it brighter and used a filter to achieve the look I wanted.

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