Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book Review-Heaven is for Real

This book was a very quick and easy read, approximately 3 hours.  It was written by Todd Burpo who is a Wesleyan Church Pastor in Nebraska.  His son who was not quite 4 at the time had his appendix burst and then abcess.  The little boy, Colton was very, very sick by the time the doctors operated.  They were sceptical that he would even make it through the surgery.  At the time of the surgery both parents were in separate rooms, the mother talking on the phone and praying and the father, praying and raging at God.    Colton did make it through the surgery.  A few months later Colton started to reveal what happened to him while he was in surgery.  He went out of his body and met Jesus and many other people he had not met before.  He would describe what Heaven was like, what Jesus looked like and many other interesting facts.  He also revealed what his mother and father were doing while he was in surgery, something he could not have known and they had not shared.  There were many things in this book to make you think about.  I enjoyed it immensley.

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