Monday, June 20, 2011

Angel Flower

The other day we were at WalMart looking for some outdoor items.
I walked through the gardening section and this flower just stopped me' Whoa" because I thought the pink was so pretty!
I just had to have this exotic angel plant. 
I had not seen anything like it before.

I go to the checkout where Tom is waiting and he looks at it and says "WHAT IS THAT"?
I said "it's an exotic angel plant", isn't it pretty?
He said, is that exotic or erotic?
"Very Funny"...

Now, not even noticing the appendages that are on this plant because I was so taken with the color.
The person checking us out was also a male and said "I am not allowed to make comments"!
I now just smile when I look at it-it is still very unusual.

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