Monday, June 20, 2011

Small Town America

We went to a parade on Saturday.
It was a really nice small town parade.

I would bet these two are brothers.  Pretty cute guys.  The sirens are just a bit loud though.

It's never a good parade unless the police are there.

Veterans marching in formation.

The queen in her sports car.

The funny car that makes a statement.

The All American Float

A Soldier

An interesting orange fire truck.

I liked the spectators in their red, white and blue chairs.

The red tractor with the American Flags.

Baton twirlers and cheerleaders.

Motorcycle guys

Casy the Cash Cow


The funny clown

A Duck

A Pig

Flag Girls

And the Marching Band
I love Marching Bands!
I was in one in high school.
My feet start tapping to the beat every time.
We had such fun.

A silly person bird

Of course you have your go karts.

And the Pretty Float.
It was a very nice parade.


Dani Myers said...

I know about those orange fire trucks! My husband is on that department. All but one older tanker is orange.

Robin said...

I have many people stop by and look at that orange fire truck from using those search words. It must be quite unique. Thanks for stopping and commenting, it's greatly appreciated! Thanks to your husband for being a fireman!