Thursday, August 11, 2011

Perfect Night Out

When Dad golfs on Wednesday nights starting in April and ending in September my guys and I have a night out.  We have been doing this for a long time and I feel they really look forward to it.  This last Wednesday was such a beautiful night, I don't think we had one like this since last year.  We did things that all of us like.  The first thing was to eat at Steak and Shake-this is Sam's favorite place, after that we went into Game Stop, another favorite haunt for the guys then we went putt putting.  I needed to be outside as I am in my office for many hours a day.  There was just a nice breeze, music, laughter and we had a fun time.

Sam won, then Kevin and Mom pulled up the rear. 
Since we were so close to the mall we stopped at Barnes and Noble-Kevin and I love bookstores.
We spent about 30 minutes there. 

When we walked out the sun was setting, the breeze was lightly blowing and the great big flag by the highway looked so majestic I had to take the picture. 
A nice end to a nice evening with my guys.

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