Thursday, August 11, 2011

All Done

The last of the furniture for the house came this week.
I will share the rest, I have been waiting to have the room all done.

This is the sunroom and we ordered side tables.

It added six storage places.
What a pretty little chest.

They go with the ladder shelf.
Don't know what I am going to put on it yet.

Here is our sleigh bed.  The wood is so smooth and the color warm.
I am loving this king size bed.
We got a Wolf Mattress from our good friend Dave Rauch.
It is fabulous!

This is the duvet for the bed.  I chose it for the green, red and blue but it is very subtle.

My beloved bookcase.

For my quilt, drawing, scrapbook, rubberstamp, art books.

I was so happy to bring them out.
Another bunch of old friends.

Mr. Boyd Bear gets the top shelf to keep an eye on everything.

I have both the Desa Ivy Chests. 

Room to put my quilting basket underneath. 
It is easy to get to it.

Here is the chest that goes with the sleigh bed.
I just love that wood.

We are able to cover up the television.
The room is quite pretty.

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PeaceLily's Blog said...

Robin, Everything looks so nice inside and outside of your home.