Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Everyone is home now

Sam got home yesterday from working a boyscout camp for 8 weeks.  He is sporting quite a new doo, the soft Mohawk.  It had to do with some kind of skit.  I had to get a picture before he had it neatly cut.
Kudos to Sam for working up at camp and sometimes losing their water and electricity during the hottest July on record. 

We picked Kevin up from Minnesota on July 12th.  He had a fantastic time and will for sure go back next year.  These are prestigious awards he won.  A high award in canoeing and also in archery.

He also received his canoe paddle of which he decorated and polyurethanes on his own. 

Now we are preparing for college (Sam and I) and Senior year for Kevin.  He starts the earliest on August 17th.

Thursday we have an appointment for the Senior Picture.  Where did that time go? 

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grabillgirl said...

Looks like the boys had great summers! Great pictures. Congrats to Kevin and Kudos to Sam. Did you ever get the green chest?