Wednesday, July 6, 2011

still waiting

I have been watching the progress of my matching green chest from the earlier post "piece by piece".  It had been stopped in Hodgins Illinois since June 24th, so I called UPS last night.  They looked into it and said that there were no other scannings of that piece and that I should have Pottery Barn start a tracking investigation.  Well when the word investigation comes up that never seems to be good. 
I called Pottery Barn to start this "investigation", he immediately said that their policy is to replace the piece.  I said innocently (picturing that is has just been missed) why don't you just call UPS to look into this.  Well he said sometimes these things just come up missing.  I said you mean someone swiped it?  He said.....uhhhh huh.  So somebody out there has a stolen chest in their house.  Shame on them!

Pottery Barn is sending the replacement by July 21st.  I hope it makes it to its destination and that the thief isn't trying to get a matching set, like I am.

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