Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Little Cheesy

It has been a pretty full weekend and week even though it is only Wednesday. 
That's why I haven't posted for a few days.
 I was out running errands on Saturday and stopped at The Rustic Hutch.
I had been watching this cheese plate move around the store and thought it would look quite pretty on my corner cupboard.  So here it is.  I love the golden color and the sunflowers .  A nice fall flavored plate.
Now to have a little wine....I really enjoy Oliver, semi-sweet.  Soft Red and Soft Rose.  A good home grown Indiana Wine.

Hey, I would like to know what your favorite wine is.
In the comments write me because I am always open to learning about new wines.

While I was gone on Saturday, Tom did a really nice thing for me.
He took off all the plastic on the windows of the doors into my studio.
It took him 3 hours, long and tedious hours I am sure.
I really dreaded doing this.
Thank you My Dear!

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LadyA said...

I have a new favorite wine: Barefoot Sweet Red. I am always partial to Moscato though. During the Fall and Winter I love to have Candy Apple Mulled Wine (apple wine with red hots mulled). Yumm-O