Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Wreath Problem

I decided I needed to do a little fall decorating.  It is like a treasure hunt out in the garage and the basement and I had discovered (to my delight) a wreath that I had bought last year. I wanted to find a nice wreath hanger for my door. I had an over the door one at the old house but it scraped the paint off at the top and that always bothered me. I went to Joanne Fabrics and found something that was just perfect.

I thought this will be great!  No moving in the wind, it is really strong as I had to practically have someone help me get it apart!  The price was right, $5.99 and I had two to use. 
I got home and quickly tore the container apart and stuck it to the door.
Good thing my toe wasn't in the way.
I tried it again.
What is that Einstein quote...
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
That was me!
I couldn't imagine what was wrong.
Then stupid ideas come out.
The magnets must not be working.
Even though it is tough get them apart.
I will try it in a different spot.
So I went way low.
Still the same result.
I had a steel door at the other house 
why won't it work here.
Because Steve the Builder, uses those newfangled fiberglass doors.
Never gave it thought.D+U+H!
As God is my Witness,
I WILL have a wreath on my door.
So I got out my over the door hanger.
And it fit better than at the old house.
Those Steele doors must be Fat.
It looks beautiful on the black door.

This weekend we saw progress.
I have 1/4 of the house cleaned and organized.
Tom, Sam and Kevin worked hard outside and the result was two vehicles in the garage.

Look closely it's not the same vehicle.

I moved that big Ole cat tree out of my studio and into the Gathering  room that overlooks the pond.
Stonewall made do with the windowsill and was perfectly happy.

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