Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I had mentioned that I had organized my studio closet somewhat for the time being, and there was a request to see it. Maybe I wasn't believed because of my earlier scary pictures at the other house. The studio closet....

Then we have the Pantry......

Yes Ladies, that IS the Jack Lalane juicer you are seeing there.
It does a great job, just don't have one every day, if you know what I mean.
This is why I don't watch QVC.
Sucked in every time.
The Coffee Bar and Cookbook Shelves.

 And Lastly the Mega Closet.
I am being very choosy about what to put in it. 
The baskets are at the top so they are easy to grab and use.

This end is all Toms'-Top to Bottom and Corner to Corner.
He told me to keep my crap off his shelves.
He's so touchy!

We are also getting the yard in this week.  The focus today has been on the basement window that will have a bricked retaining wall.  There is a whole lot more involved in putting in this yard than what we ever imagined. There is lots of equipment out in the yard, I think more than when the house was being built.

 There will be pictures to come.

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LadyA said...

Look at you getting all Organized!!!!!