Saturday, July 10, 2010


I met my friend Pam for lunch on friday and she took me to a place that they frequent often.
It is called Pickles and it is in Dunfee Indiana just on the Whitley-Allen county line.
The words I would use to describe it, quaint, fun, very tasty, busy (that's always a good sign.)
We tried the pick 3 platter.
I had a turkey artichoke pannini along with chunky vegetable soup and a pasta-pea salad.
Pam had almost the same except she had brocolli salad instead of the chunky vegetable soup.
We then tried a sampling of the homemade desserts.
Which we chose peanut butter pie, blueberry-peach pie and a white chocolate/raspberry cheesecake.
All quite tasty but the peanut butter pie and the blueberry-peach pie were fantastic.

Along with the restaurant there was a general store with antiques and candy and folk art.
Behind the building was another aged building that housed the Two Sisters Flowers.
I was immediately drawn to that.

Here is a corner that looked inviting.

I enjoyed this planter.
I had to touch it to see if it was aged leather or metal.
It was metal.

I always like it when they reuse old chairs.
After that we renentered modern day
and went to Tuesday Morning and Big Lots in search for bathroom mirrors for the new house.
Also note that I understand they are open for breakfast only on Saturdays.
Pam says there is a hash thats worth the drive, it has a mashed tater tots crust.

Today we are off to see Sam at Scout Camp.
We haven't seen him for two weeks!

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