Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Good Saturday

This is where Sam lives for 6 weeks of the summer.
A nice warm tent with a roommate.
Yes, bunkbeds will fit in these along with television, dvd player, 3 fans, plastic chests of drawers, places to put dirty clothes, food items, (when the raccoons aren't piliging through it), magic cards and movies.

Here are my 3 guys.

You have to have a picture with Mom.
Only one more week and he comes home!
We miss him very much.
We drove to Auburn Indiana and had some lunch at the Mad Anthony Brewery and I even saw someone I worked with. Then we found an antique mall to browse through.  Its fun to go through and see the items we have at home-yes, that must mean we are becoming Antiques.
Then we decided to find some of the statues on the Square.
Here is Kevin taking the cigarette from the street sweeper.
Here is Tom speaking with a builder.

Sam is squatting with the photographer.
Taking a picture of his family.

The famous kissing picture.

I loved the look on this policemans face.
We then found a gallery that was also part of a garden walk. 
This was really breathtaking if you are a flower person.
Here was framed greenery.

I'm not sure what these blue flowers were but they are surely pretty.

I finally got one!

Another breathtaking picture.

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