Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I found this very simple video on mitering quilt corners.  Mitered corners are such a nice touch.

I build my art projects.  First it is an idea, then I sketch it out and then gather the materials.  Most of the time I don't use a pattern.  What I pictured for this piece is an outdoor scene appliqued onto the base.  I wanted lots of texture with the more primitive, woven fabric in the first border.  I like borders on my quilts, they define area and add interest.  The bottom of the base are layers of earth, the middle area has many neutral fabrics sewn together where I plan to applique a tree and leaves and whatever strikes my fancy along with embroidering words.  The top is the sky and a sun will be added in that area.  I am planning  to have a lot of hand quilting. 

I found a little quilt in these colors on Pinterest.  It was very simple 3 inch blocks.  So I again just went into my fabrics and found some that would work.  I like the pattern of the outside border.  It would add so much interest on someone's wall. I always pick patterned fabric on my quilts.  Plain fabric is ho hum, even if it is colored. 

This is going to be a couple of multimedia pictures. There will be poppies painted on them with some dimensional elements added.  They are on 10 X 10, artist wrapped canvas with the sides painted ready to be hung on the wall.  More patterns with the paper. 

My Mom's sewing machine.  She bought it maybe a year before she passed away.  I have had to learn to use it because my inexpensive little J.C. Penney machine became problematic.  My Mom passed away in 1997 but I couldn't make myself open it up.  She sewed all the time and was very tickled with this machine.  It made me sad thinking about using it.  I have since gotten over this and am enjoying her machine slowly figuring out what is what.  

I dropped my Nikon camera a few weeks ago and the lens jammed.  I made do with my phone but I love my DSLR camera.  The new lens came yesterday and I am glad to have the camera working again. 

Fingers crossed that everything keeps working now.

Till next time....

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