Thursday, March 19, 2015

afraid I was going to have to fight a hawk

I haven't been around for the past week because I have been learning about domains and building a website for a creative endeavor that I am starting.  It's not quite ready but I will be making the announcement in the very near future with all the hoopla and bells and whistles and dancers etc. etc. 

In the meantime though I have been enjoying this weather we had recently.  I was getting outside and walking and it was glorious!  I would take my camera everyday to see what amazing things I would come across to show you. 

We live in an area that has hawks living somewhere nearby.  Since the trees have no leaves right now, I have seen some very big nests in the trees that have to be for a big bird.  I had not spotted one yet but wanted to be prepared. 

Now my cat Lily loves to take a walk with me.  We found this out one day when Tom and I started for a walk and realized that she was following us.  She walked two miles all around the neighborhood.  She would, most of the time stay on the sidewalk behind us.  Once in a while she would go out along the curb but then cut up to the sidewalk again. 

Here she is following behind me.
 If you look at the garage door to the left there is another cat looking out.  She and that other cat made some eye contact and I picked her up because I didn't want any funny business.  She doesn't like me to pick her up and becomes quite "growley".  She likes to do things on her own ya know!  So getting that disaster averted we moved on and Lily is walking behind me again.  I take a corner and she takes the corner a few feet behind sometimes stopping to sniff the grass.  Lo and behold I look up and there is a hawk circling in the sky.  Then he is getting lower, and lower.  I believe he has an eyeball on Lily!

Once I picked her up and held her, much to her irritation, he disappeared.  What are the chances, I ask. I put her down and said we have had enough for today.  We start back toward home, when we got to the house with the other cat, she made a point to walk out on the curb.  She didn't want any part of that! She has heard rumors that he is no good! 

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