Saturday, January 3, 2015

Monkey Quilt Finished

Here is the small quilt I made for my niece Angie.  I took an old block that my Mom had in her fabric stash.  It was a nice big block that she might have found at an antique shop or a garage sale.  On this block had some kind of substance that would not come out in the wash and that is when I chose to cover it up with applique flowers and leaves and the monkey.  YoYo's flipped over are the flower middles to give a little height. Embroidery for words and leaves give the message and interest .  It is all hand quilted with an outline three times around the flowers in the body to emphasize. It measures 20 X 20 and it had cotton batting.

It has a narrow hanger on the back to slip a dowel rod through or even a stick from a tree. 

Signing the quilt is very important.  It answers questions that people may have.  In this case I embroidered the tag and appliqued it on to the back.  This process took 4 hours, I believe I will find a more time saving process in the future but it will still tell the story and add interest. 

I so enjoyed making this for my dear niece. 

Thanks for stopping.

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Tante Mali said...

Sooooo very pretty! I would be that patient - but I admire your handy craft!
Have a happy happy happy New Year