Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Building the Pyamid

We had a family get together last Sunday.  Tom's cousin and family came up from Texas to visit his mother in Ohio and they then drove over to our house.  It was a nice day for a swim and we have been getting a lot of good use out of the pool.  Here we have the start of a pyramid.  Cory, the guy you can't see yet is on the bottom, Kelli is in the middle and Allie is on top.

Another step up

And now Cory has air.

He has a tough job, getting some water out of his eyes.

Ta Daa--Allie is the theatrical one-as you can easily tell.

Lots of activity going on.  Libations being poured, pyramids walking the pool.  It's good to see.

I Put the camera down, walked away, and someone starts taking pictures of themselves...EMILY.
It was a nice find on the import :-) 

and then taking pictures of others.
Boyfriend Byron

Her sister Kelli (the middle of the Pyramid).

It's always nice to have people over.

Happy Wednesday
May your day be great!

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