Sunday, September 21, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady

A few weeks ago I was at the store buying cat food and saw this mug.  I thought, nawwww I have enough coffee mugs and passed it by.  Yesterday I was there again and decided I loved it enough to buy it.  It's perfect, it's me.  I like the paw prints made out of hearts and it's RED.

My husband always likes to tell people I am a cat hoarder, just to get me going, he loves the cats too and they love him.  But cat hoarders let the cat's reproduce among each other, defecate all over everything and make horrendous messes.  I properly care for my 5 cats, with vaccinations, neutering and spaying and I am not a crazy cat lady, but a lady that's crazy about cats.  I can't help it. 

Here are my bags of cat food that I get.  They loved the Purina Complete but I changed to the Naturals because it has smaller morsels and they ate it up just as fast.  I have tried all kinds of food from Iams and Science Diet and other expensive organic, no beef brands and have gone back to the tried and true Purina.  It must have a very good flavor that they like.  A food isn't any good if they don't eat it and the owner has to coax them.  My cats live long lives, my oldest right now is 17, I had one before these, that lived to be 20, with very few ailments. 

When I carried the bag in, my husband wanted to know if that was a Madonna with her cat.  It does kind of look like that, nope it's just a woman loving her cat.  Look at both the bags because both have women on the front.  It must show that Purina knows women are the predominate cat owners. 

I am going to see next time, if there are any bags of cat food with men and their cats. 

Another thing I like about Purina are the Pet Perks Points.  I insert my codes  from my bags of cat food and eventually I will have enough saved for a zip up sweatshirt.  Not that I can't buy one off the rack, but this one says something about Purina and being a cat lover.  You can't get those just anywhere.

It reminded me of growing up and my Mom and I would cut out the proof of purchase labels from the Purina Cat Chow boxes and I would get a calendar of celebrity cats with who knows how many.  It was fun! Doing it on the computer is much quicker for sure.  The technology is much better now.  I wonder how many they employed to count those proof of purchase labels that people sent in.  Probably one poor soul that saw proof of purchases in their dreams.

I love my cats so much, I painted a picture of them all.  The 17 year old is the 3rd from the left.  He is losing weight and we can tell he has arthritis but he keeps plugging along, eats well, gives a paw smack to the others sometime.  He has had a good life and has been given lots of love.  The time will eventually come as like with all of us, and we know that he was well taken care of especially with food that he enjoyed....cause that is very important to him. 

Give your animals a good pat on the head, and a scratch under the chin for me. 

Have a happy day!

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