Wednesday, July 30, 2014

little helper

The other morning I was putting together the backing and batting to ready the little monkey quilt for hand quilting.  "The Inspector" jumped up to check things out. Here she is touching the safety pins.

Sniffing the safety pins.

I position them everywhere there will be no quilting, starting from the middle and working my way out.  That's the way I quilt it also, from the middle out. 

Doing a little more closer inspecting of the piece.  I chose a vibrant black, red and sunflowery fabric for the backing. 

Finally inspecting the back for any foreign objects hiding in there.  She was a HUGE help and she assured me that she would be there for me the next time I had a project to work on. 

Looking forward to quilting this little quilt.

Happy Days to you.
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