Sunday, April 13, 2014


I want to share with you two plays that I went to recently.  I took a couple of nieces and a nephew  and then most of my family to this one, Willy Wonka.  It was very entertaining.  If you don't know the story of Willy Wonka it takes place in a small town in England where there is a candy factory.  The town used to be employed by the candy factory but one day Willy let everyone go and closed the doors to the outside world.  Candy was still being made but they don't know how it is getting done.  A contest was being held that if you found one of the five golden tickets tucked into a candy bar then you would get a tour of the factory.  Charlie, a very poor boy from the town received a golden ticket at the very end of the contest.  There were 4 other very quirky kids and their antics inside the factory which were entertaining.  One by one the kids are sent home for not following the rules until Charlie is the last.  A wonderful thing happens to Charlie by the end of the play.  It was a charming musical. 

This play I went to with my sister last weekend.  It was a two person play based in the hills of West Virginia.  The elderly woman (Grace) had been released from the hospital because she had been treated for cancer.  Her nephew dropped her off at home by herself and went back to work.  A volunteer (Glorie)  from the hospital stopped by to see how she was doing.  Of course she was appalled that Grace was by herself.   They eventually developed a friendship of two totally opposite people (are they really) and each one learns something from the other.  It was at a new stage where the audience sit quite close to the stage.  It was funny and sad and very, very enjoyable. 

Next month-The Sisters of Swing-The story of the Andrews Sisters. 

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