Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pool Update

Right now the pool is being filled with water.  This water stays all year round.  It gets cleaned through the filter and of course chemicals are added to it to make it nice.  Tomorrow (monday the 14th) they are coming to remove the forms around the cement and install the retractable cover. The pool needed to be filled before the cover was installed.  Once the cover is on the lovely orange fence will be removed.  Our county doesn't require a fence if you have a retractable cover but I will feel more comfortable getting a fence.  We haven't spoken with any fence installers yet.  We want to get the landscaper to put in the retaining wall in the upper left corner, there is just wood boards there right now.  The landscaper will also smooth out the dirt for us so we can start growing grass again.  

Here is the view from our dining area/kitchen. Just right outside the door.

Easily accessible from the covered porch.  It's all compact and usable.  The pad to the right is where the Spa Tub will be and it also is coming tomorrow. On Friday of this week the man who will tell us how to use all of this will be coming to the house.  I will have my pencil sharpened and spiral notebook out......Thanks for checking in!


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