Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lucky Little Kitten

Yesterday morning I was driving to work on Adams Center Road, which is a very busy commuter road.  I saw a little animal start crossing the road and it was so small I thought it was a chipmunk.  And I am thinking hurry up and get across so the cars in the oncoming lane don't hit you!  Well it gets to the middle of the road on the yellow line and falls over.  It was kind of wobbly like it was dizzy.  When I got up to it I saw that it was a very young baby kitten.  It would have surely gotten run over in a matter of minutes.  I stopped the car and hurriedly snatched the kitten up and put it in the passenger seat.  It started shaking and luckily I had a towel and put it around the kitten.  I think it had just been through some kind of trauma.  I feel it may have possibly been in a car, near the engine and got thrown off somehow.  Her bottom lip is pulled away from her gums and she has some facial scratches.  Her eyes were watering very much also.  Here she is on the towel, in her box in my office at work. We gave her some watered down milk and some shredded chicken and she just lapped it all up, injured lip and everything.  I had to position the box beside me so she could look up and see someone or she would have just kept meowing.

I made an appointment at our vet to have her mouth looked over.  He said she was too little for anesthetic to stitch her up.  She also has a respiratory infection and that is why her eyes were watering. She is a dear cat, climbs and meows, eats, drinks, plays.  This is her home right now, in the carrier.  The vet gave us some antibiotics, and special food with high protein with a milk supplement.  She only weighed 12.8 ounces and can't be more than 5 weeks old if that.  She has a calico head and a tiger body.  I will get her all fixed up BUT I absolutely cannot keep this kitten as I have 4 now.  Please help me find a great place who will love this kitten. 

This picture is from today (Day 2).  A close up of her fur, the body fur is kind of wirey.  She is very alert and loves to be held against a chest.  She just falls asleep purring. 

The antibiotic has kicked in because her eyes are not watering now.  Look at this dear little face!

I was trying to study while she was getting some chewing on taxes book. 

Taking a walk through the mulch with her tail held straight up proudly. 

Her chin is not exactly right and may never will be, but it looks like it will be healing ok.Yesterday  she was bleeding and now it has all dried up.  I must have picked up right after it happened. She must have been thrown into the ditch and was strong enough to pull herself up onto the road and then went so far and fell over.  AGAIN...I cannot keep this cat...PLEASE help me find a nice home for her. Keep checking back and I will put progression pictures on.        

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