Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hand Quilting/ Hand Applique/ Hand Embroidery

As I work on this little quilt I am reminded how much I love to hand quilt.  I am not interested in getting this done as quickly as possible.  I really enjoy the feel of a hand quilted quilt in the times of machine quilting.  Machine quilting is so tight and close and somewhat commercial.  I usually leave a bit of myself on each piece, with an accidental prick of my finger with that number nine needle.  While hand quilting, I just think and go inside my brain and hop from one subject to another.  It's enjoyable, it's downtime but still being productive.  I remember reading about one quilt shop owner that said the focus is on hand quilting. I thought how wonderful, that's how I feel also!

I also love hand applique and needlework.  Not applique with the bonding underneath but the real, turn under the and stitch with almost unseen stitches.  It's sturdy and the design will stay put.

Don't get me wrong because it all is beautiful and something to be proud of.  I am a very tactile person and enjoy immensely the feel of the softness, and the time invested and the love put into the whole.
It's just the best.

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