Tuesday, June 26, 2012

fun and useful

 My friend Suzy and I had a fun day out on Friday.  We went to a quilt show in Topeka, Indiana and then went into Shipshewana to shop and see more quilts.  This is in the heart of Amish Country and we went to an all purpose store called Yoders.  It seems as if it had anything that was needed in the way of home goods.  Suzy pointed out this ice cream scoop that has antifreeze in the handle.  The ice cream does not stick on the spoon.  It cannot be put into the dishwasher though.  It works great! The ice cream slid right off into the bowl.

This is a butter keeper.  It holds one stick of butter. 

The butter goes into the lid part and a little bit of water goes into the bottom.  It serves as a seal to the butter, and now the butter is left out to be soft when it is time to use it.  No more holes in my toast. 

This I picked up on my Home Goods trip with my friend Theresa to Indianapolis.  It is just a pretty decorative piece. 

I was really excited to see my caladium leaves bloom.  One of them is supposed to eventually have red on it.  I will keep you updated.

I get amazed at that sweet potato vine.  It is just growing like crazy.  The other side is longer and I am going to have to give it a trim.

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