Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Review-Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly

I am a person who enjoys learning about the Civil War and this book read like a novel and not a history book.  It had brought up many points that I had not heard of or even considered.  That John Wilkes Booth was part of a larger conspiracy to murder President Lincoln than just 6 people.  Money was paid, Booths journal was missing that he wrote while he was in the swamps waiting to get away.  Pages had been torn out when it was found.  The bodyguard that was supposed to be sitting on the other side of the door in Fords Theater left to go to the pub and was never held accountable for this misdeed.  Of course we will never know but it was interesting reading.  I am not a fan of the Bill O'Reilly Spinfactor, but he wrote a very good novel. 

A publicist from Macmillan Publishing also forwarded the link to try the audio version. Click on the word audio to go to it and give it about 5 seconds.

Also we were down in Indianapolis and I found a good statue of Lincoln when he was a boy in Indiana.


I also found a historical marker that goes along with the book

I had not known that it made so many stops in Indiana.
It was interesting.

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