Wednesday, September 5, 2012

new member

This cat showed up on our doorstep hungry, thin and we didn't know if she was pregnant or just had kittens.  I shut the door hoping she would go back from where she came from, but she was still there the next morning.  She put up the biggest rackett and I had to feed her.  She would sit on our front porch and sleep on our rocking chairs and not move.  I finally decided to take her to the vet to see if she had kittens in her.  She did not...she is so young they maybe did not survive when they wer born.  I had them start giving her shots and in a couple weeks we will get the spayed.  She is staying outside and is feeling much better with regular food and water.  Her eyes are as green as the bushes.  I have named her Tigerlily, and we call her Lily for short. 

She walks around the house with me as my companion.  She hides in the bushes and acts like I don't see her. 

Here she is walking with me...look at the size of this mum!
It was just the right spot for it. 
Lily and I are signing off......

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