Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my sewing box

I found this great container that I use for my sewing box.
It keeps everything I need compartmentalized.  It's light and seals tightly and is roomy.
It's also clear so you can see what you have in it.
It is a 3 level Snapware.

Here you can see the 3 levels.

The other side

I was invited to a quilting club reunion in may and they made these and gave them away to everyone.  I really love it.  I love the happy colors of the 30's reproduction fabrics, and the log cabin block.

The inside has flannel where you can store your needles.  It is very roomy and I can keep them nice and neat. 

These are the last pieces that I need to attach to the recent quilt top I put together. 

Here I keep my other quilting tools in the drawer where I sit to work. 

My sewing box sits with my in progress memorial quilt so it is up out of the way.  I have to get more hearts pinned onto it so I can keep it going too. 
My friend Theresa is a container lover too (more so than me) and she keeps rubberstamping items in her snapware.  If you see one pick it up, you will find it really useful. 

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