Monday, August 13, 2012

ribbons n things

Last weekend at the Cincinnati Stamp Show it looks like I was on a patterned paper and ribbon binge.  So many pretty things.  I thought this paper fit the whole weekend.

Looks like I picked up a few animal stamps too. 

This is the bag I was unpacking with my stamping stuff in it.  Turn my back for a moment and and someone starts occupying it. 

The furry boys love it when I work in my room, everyone takes up their self specified places. 

After going to Lebanon Ohio we took another 20 minute drive northeast to Waynesville, Ohio.  It also was historical and had lots of shops to go through.  Here are a couple of folk art pieces that took my fancy. 

That's such a good picture, I think I will paint him.  Love his black nose. 
Smoke, who is 16 years old, he is holding his age pretty well.

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