Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Office

At the end of July our office closed for the day and went to a meeting room on the 6th floor of a downtown building.  Lots of discussion happened that day.  Left to right....Mary, Cathy, Theresa, Glenda, Heidi, Craig, Nancy.
Not Shown, Toni, Beth, Rich, Myself

While we were there a thunder and lightening rainstorm blew through.
It was neat to be 6 floors up.  This is looking at the City-County building.

Freiman Square was right below us

Civic Theater and way to the right is the Art Museum

Glenda, just this week brought in this beautiful, 3 layer, lemon cake that she had made

As you can tell is was a big hit
I needed to get a picture before it was all gone

The frosting was scrumptious!  It was made with whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk.
I am going to have to try it, no more cooking over the stove the 7 minute frosting for me.  This was just the same. 
Thanks again Glenda!

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