Monday, June 11, 2012

simple things

I ordered my years supply of moisturizing hand soap from Bath and Body Works Online.
6 for $20.00-and the scents are out of this world.
The order came in this fun box. 

I have gotten such pleasure out of looking at this box. 
It will be reused for some fortunate females gift. 

Cleaned out the refrigerator.  TOO MANY CONDIMENTS!  They grow and grow.  I got my husband involved and he is such a great organizer.  Look at the straight lines. Impressive aren't they.  Everything has a place, and all involved have been briefed on them. 

My first candystriped daylily is about to bloom.  I had only seen them in pictures but not in person. The anticipation is too much.

Here she is and how beautiful!  Look at her little ruffles around the edges. 

My sweet little cement bunny.  I have her sitting on a pretty little white plate I found.

Equally dear little cement duck.  What a sweet face!

Our bulldog that watches the door.

Homemade pizza crust made in my Moms old brown crock. 
This is the best pizza crust I have had.
Grilled Pizza....Mmmmm..Mmmmmm!

Cut up onions and green pepper for our pizza.  I am going to saute them a bit to soften them up. 

The ham, pepperoni and cheese.  The Pizza was so good and went too fast to take a picture.
You will just have to trust me. 

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