Sunday, June 3, 2012

new decorations

This last Friday, my friend Theresa and I took a shopping trip to Indianapolis.
Our first stop was the Home Goods store.  I found this great pretty.
I also purchased some textured balls.

I already had the white, black and multicolored but needed more to fill up the bowl.
There are some other textured balls that are not visible right now.
Some different colors of wood and I believe one that has bay leaves all over it. 
I came to the conclusion that I needed something for the back of the fireplace.  It softens the sound and hides the cords for the television.  I found a beautiful pillow at the Pottery Barn.  It matched my chair perfectly.  The red pillows match the curtains well also.  If you look closely at the clock it looks like a pocket watch.  I am standing on a stool to take the picture. 

The books are to give a little height.  The ACT is not in use anymore.
The books are not visible while standing on the floor.

The sweet potato vine and coleus are doing very well in their tall pots.  I pulled out my patriotic half bucket for the door.  It shows up well on the black. I have a couple of rocks in the bottom to make it heavy and not move around in the wind.

It has geraniums and stick like wildflowers. 
Once again the weekend has come to an end.
We had a nice one-hope you did too.

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