Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I showed this wonderfully inspirational book in an earlier post.
I have started my own journal and I am using it right now to practice with different mediums. 

I don't like the markers bleeding through the pages so I purchased some of this marker paper and it works really well.  I tape a page onto my journal and work with the markers that way. 

Here I was working with the calligraphy pens and also doodling.
It was very enjoyable and I found out which pens worked the best with what I wanted to do. 

I thought the narrow calligraphy pen in the circular scroll turned out really well. 

I used the different graphite pencils for this page.  Graphite does smudge.  The books said to draw thinks that you don't normally draw and this is what it is about.  My nice, bright lamp and a building in downtown Detroit. 

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