Saturday, May 5, 2012


I was shopping at one of my favorite stores-Marshalls-they carry last years styles at discount rates and they have great selections of handbags.  I fell in love with this one instantly.  I love accessories with pattern.  My clothes have texture and color but usually no pattern.  I try things on but I can't bring myself to buy them.  This company is called Sakroots and I had not heard of them before.  Here is the website.  I feel like I have found a new favorite.  I always loved Fossil bags and such because they have wonderful patterns, and this is right along with that idea.

The pattern is on this tag.  After looking at the website the color for 2012 is more magenta and such.  I am so happy I came across last years style, the colors WOW me. 

Here is a closer picture.  It is made of the plastic canvas material and is very deep.  You have to watch that though, I get too many items in there and then my shoulders start aching. 
I was also impressed that they are taking part in the plant a billion trees campaign.
We have to take care of our planet for our future generation.

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