Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photography assignment

The assignment was creative printing and hand coloring.
The picture below was made from two negatives that I had already taken.
It is sandwiching the two in the enlarger and using filters to make the picture.
It is a heart that my sister had given me and the family bible.

This is Sebastian in the sunlight.  This picture did not develop well and so I decided to make it better by hand coloring.

I made it his fairytail land.  He used to be an outdoor cat and these were the things that he dreams of chasing again. 

The next picture developed really well and I just took some things that he uses alot, like his phone and watch.  Then I used colored pencils to make his shirt orange.  I added all the elements of hobbies that he likes to do or watch  I guess you could call them his passions.

The other picture I developed was of an old building and I scratched up the negative and then used waxed paper while developing the picture to make it look really old. 

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