Monday, May 2, 2011


My school year is wrapping up this week and it is time.
Time to get into shorter work hours.
Have time for fun things I like to do and not to worry about what is due next class.
I have learned that the Muslims believe in one God.  I have learned that to be Saint like-you have to follow like the person that Christ was.  So when people tell me I am a Saint for living with my husband I can truly tell them-I am not.  I have also learned that multivitamins are helpful against colon cancer. 
Things have been happening.There has been a beautiful Royal Wedding. There were devistating tornados in the Southern U.S.  Osama Bin Laden has been found and killed.  Gas prices have hit $4.29 cents per gallon.  Seems like it is constantly raining and cool.  But it will be a new day  tomorrow and maybe the sun will peek out. 

My Father-in-Law passed away a couple months ago and Tom and his sister Ellen have been in the process of breaking up the house.  Here are a few things that have been brought home. 

The Classic Car
as Tom calls it.
A 1997 Gran Marquis
with 40,000 miles on it.
Mint Condition
It rides like a dream
My Mother-in-Law mostly drove it.
He is thinking of buying a cover for it.
I say "whatever".
He always has been a big car guy.
His dream is to buy a Lincoln Town Car. 
He would have driven it when he was 17 years old.

My Mother-in-Law loved dolls.
I have always thought this is just one of the loveliest dolls I have ever seen.
Her emerald green cape and beautiful black braid.

Her beautiful brown porcelain face.

And her shiny plaid dress.

This is a lovely old table that will probably go downstairs in the hallway. 
I love the way the leaves can go up.
That's a pretty feature.

I will put more treasures on later.

This little handmade pot with the bluebird on it was purchased on our trip to Indianapolis last week.
I was very drawn to it and love blue pottery.

I picked up a bag full of these nests on Saturday.
I just loved them.

Tom's Dad was 79 and had some health problems especially since my Mother-in-Law passed away. 
We hope that he has met up with my Mother-in-Law and is very happy and feels good.
He missed her so much.

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