Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Review

I finished this book this weekend.  It was a very refreshing book that didn't dwell on her bad marriage to Prince Charles or her eating disorders.  It was written by her butler Paul Burrell for the 10th anniversary of her death in 1997.  The book told about what it was like with the non-public Princess Diana.  What it was like in her home in Kensington Palace.  He became her personal butler in 1992 up until her passing.  It highlights the great love that she had for her boys, William and Harry.  It also tell about another love Dr. Hasnat and that they broke it off in July of 1997 and that she had only been dating Dodi Al Fayed for a few weeks when they had the accident at the end of August 1997.  It has a chapter about the auction of her dresses and how they were chosen.  It was very interesting learning about all the different friends she had and the wonderful caring things she did for people.  This was a very enjoyable book and it made me all the more sad that we don't get to grow old with Princess Diana. 

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