Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall at Saint Francis

The last few days have been so pretty and the trees started really changing, so I decided to bring my camera and capture a few pictures.
This tree is kind of sparse at the top but the colors are really nice.

This tree really captured my attention.  This is a fabulous color.

Here is another side of the Brookside (Bass Mansion).  The tall bricks in the corner is where an elevator was installed.

There was a slight mist on Mirror Lake this morning.

Here is the Mary Garden.

I liked this shot.  Can't you just see the horse and carriage dropping off the passengers here?

Lastly this is my geranium I keep in my office.  It stays all through the year and keeps flowering as long as I  keep giving her food.  She gets a little out of hand sometimes and then I give her a good trimming. I have had her almost 5 years now.

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